A tribe is a group of contestants competing on Survivor Canadienne ORG. Tribes were introduced in Survivor: Russia, and have been used since then. Tribes range from starting tribes, to merged tribes, to special tribes like the Anarchy tribe in Survivor: Singapore, and the auxiliary tribe in Survivor: Quebec.


Bold Text Merged Tribe
Italic Text Dissolved Tribe
Underlined Text Auxiliary Tribe
Regular Text Starting Tribe

Survivor Tribecolors Per Season
Color Orange Yellow Green Blue Red Pink Brown Purple Black Gray White
Russia Omymyakon Ruskova Chukhloma
Singapore Marina Bay Esplanade Bergabung Clarke Quay Anarchy Merlion
Quebec Liberté Victoire Résistance Révolution Château
Japan Hōryū-ji Seitenkyū Himeji Kyōdan Namiyoke Inari
Greenland Skræling Evitaxal Sermersuaq
Jamaica Pawnee Montego Falmouth Kingston
Majorca Llampoc Tierra Aigua Incendio Murjorca
Sicily Catania Disordinato Ragusa Naxos
Great Plains Lakota Blackfoot
Total Uses: 2 4 5 7 6 1 2 5 1 1 3


  • Red and Yellow were the first tribe colors to be used, as it was used on Survivor: Russia on the Chukhloma and Omymyakon tribe.
  • Black was the last color used, being used in Survivor: Jamaica on the Kingston tribe.
  • The colors used the most currently is blue and purple with 7 of the 9 seasons using it.
  • The colors used the least is black and grey.
  • Révolution is the only tribe to be undefeated in the history of Canadienne ORG thus far.

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