In order to be the Sole Survivor, the castaway must be not be removed from the game (either by being voted out, disqualified, voluntarily quitting or by forced evacuation by the moderators) - unless a twist returns them (e.g. Redemption Island) - until the Final Tribal Council (usually done during Day 39). Then, the castaway must get the most Jury votes among the finalists that also reached the Final Tribal Council, which usually consists of 2-3 castaways.

Sole Survivors of the Canadienne ORGEdit

Season Winner Runner(s)-up Jury Vote
Survivor: Russia ChrisS1 Teteworms
JoaquinS1 TicciSparks87 3-2-2
PatrickS1 Narsys
Survivor: Singapore BrianS2 XKC
BradleyS2 TheBradleyG 5-3-0
AlecS2 Heyitslec

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